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Welcome to WebMàkler, the up-and-coming real estate search and advertising platform. Highly scalable global real estate network for serving hyperlocal content, specifically designed for vertical real estate market.

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You can stop looking. I'm "THE ONE"! WebMàkler.

Noun I Makler m (genitive, Maklers, plural Makler), German & Dutch origin

Definition: broker, realtor, estate agent

AI The Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Conversational AI/Chatbots technology will Improve real estate Industry and enhance customer experience.
Blockchein Blockchain-based smart contracts will revolutionize global real estate market, It is an integral part of global real estate Industry.
Cryptocurrency The rise of cryptocurrency In real estate transactions is on the rise and serves as an alternative secure payment system throughout the world.
Full Automation Reduce overhead, maximize operational efficiency & unlock the power of the big data. Maximum automation is a must for global real estate startup.
The API's The use of APIs will quickly pivot to new verticals and adapt to changing customer expectations, market dynamics, and technology trends.
Data Analytics Data analytics offer important insights into the current trends in real estate investment and help consumers to stay informed along the way.
Multilingual Our multilingual localization strategy is designed for global real estate market to maximize user engagement in action, absorb and convert.

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Jake CEO
Tracey The Broker
Mykola Full Stack Developer
Evdokiya Customer Relationships
Anton Full Stack Developer
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